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On behalf of the family of [patient name omitted for privacy], we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Stow-Glen family. Your concern and thoughtfulness for our mother often went beyond normal expectations.

We would like to specifically recognize Carol Wallace for her dedication and gentle support during our family's last hours at Stow-Glen. She was extremely competent and compassionate to our mother. Carol gave us the medical knowledge we needed to understand Mom's condition and the personal attention - warm chocolate, blankets and hugs - that helped us through the long night. We were blessed to have her at our side.

Again, our sincere thanks to all the "Angels" at Stow-Glen for their love and support.

Kathy Brett

Glenna Biggins

Diane Crommes

We want to express our thanks to your for all of your kindess that you have shown to us.

When we got back to Stow last April from Arizona, I had it in my mind to find lots to do to keep Dick's brain stimulated. Lo and behold you came to my rescue!

Thanks so much for all that you have done. We will miss you this winter but we will be looking for that sign in the drive when we return that says "Hey Seniors, Brunch and Bingo! Call and RSVP!"

Your kindness is very much appreciated,

Janet & Dick

When dementia and macular degeneration made it unsafe for my mother to live alone in her home in Pennsylvania, I needed a safe place where she could still have her independence yet be close so I could visit every day. Stow-Glen met that challange and forever blessed my life.

Mom often felt scared and confused because of her dementia. I could not have imagined a more caring and understanding staff. Everyone from the managers to the cleaning staff kept her safe. Even the other residents looked after mom, making sure she got to the dining room for meals.

What impressed me most about Stow-Glen was they not only took care of my mother, but they also took care of me. They helped me understand the changes mom was going through and all that love could do, I was doing.

Stow-Glen treated my mother with respect until God called her home in March. They are God's angels and I can never repay their kindness and caring.

Pat Widdows,

Monroe Falls, Ohio

Living here are Stow-Glen Retirement Village may have extended my life. I don't know that for a fact. But I feel that way because life here at Stow-Glen has been so good, so interesting and fulfilling for me. And I know that at least part of the reason living here has been this way has to do with the type of ownership and management we have here.

Stow-Glen's ownership is entirely local, in every sense part of the general community. Management isn't located in some remote headquarters in some other part of the country. The founder and builder of Stow-Glen is still in the area, is still active, is still personally known to all but the newest arrivals among the residents. Mty wife and I moved in here eighteen years ago and much of that time we've been witnesses to conditions here through regularly visiting residents throughout the complex. There always seems to have been a special feeling of caring and being cared for, a loving closeness of interaction between employees and residents. It isn't just a matter of employees doing their job; it's the way they do their jobs, the way they relate to the residents, the caring attitude they display in their jobs.

A good sign of quality in any organization is continuity of employment. Great numbers of employees in all departments have worked here a dozen years or more. This holds true for both senior and juior ranks of employees.

For me, Stow-Glen has all the attributes of home. A feeling of belonging here and nowhere else. A mutual feeling of care and caring among both residents and staff members. This living in shared community provides a wonderful sense of belonging, besides offering a vast array of activities and entertainments by incoming groups. Too, there's a special bonding that comes with sharing meals with others of your own generation who have shared the same significant events of life that you have experienced.

When my wife became terminally ill some years ago, I was able to care for her right here in my aparent in the Independent Living division of Stow-Glen. Throughout that troubling time, the supportive attention we received from fellow residents, staff and other employees helped enormously in keeping up our spirits. This same interactive supportiveness has helped me deal with my wife's loss. Senior staff at Stow-Glen keep the motto "A community of care" descriptive of the actual working of things in our retirement village. I have behind me over eighteen years of witnessing that this is so. And it's important to me because this is my home.

Murray Craig