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A Word From Our Pastor

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I am Pastor Kim! I am the Pastor/Chaplain of Stow-Glen Retirement Village.

Here at Stow-Glen, we believe in the calling of Jesus Christ to love and serve one another. It has been my privilege to serve the residents, staff and families of Stow-Glen for almost fourteen years.

I have both my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity. I am Ordained Minister in the Christian Church (disciples of Christ). After serving in the Church setting for 12 years, I went on to receive academic credit from the Cleveland Clinic, wherein I studied Pastoral healthcare in ethics, acute care, adult psychiatric, child psychiatric, paediatrics and geriatric. These studies were alongside of the interdisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses, social workers, administrators and physical therapists.

The same interdisciplinary approach is found here at Stow-Glen. We believe in total care for our residents. That's why we place a high priority on Spiritual Care. We do our best to meet the needs of the various denominations of folds or folks that walk through our doors! Also, we seek to reunite residents with their Pastors by providing opportunities for residents to share meals, often I invite the area Pastors to preach in one of our three Chapel areas on campus.

Because we are a Christian Community of Care, it is our goal to daily open every meeting in each of our many departments with prayer, scriptures and devotions. We believe as people of God we need to keep our focus on the Lord who calls us to love Him and our neighbours as much as ourselves.

Four times a week I conduct Protestant worship services for the residents. We have a Catholic Church in the area (Holy Family) who provides communion and worship for our Catholic residents.

Also, if your loved one is sick, it is my goal to see them in the hospital, making sure that they stay connected to their families, church and friends.

I provide funeral services should that sad day come for one of our residents or staff members.

Often I have been asked if I would bring my mother here, and the answer is yes without hesitation. The staff here at Stow-Glen are the most caring caregivers in the world. Not only would I bring my Mom, but I would invite anyone who has a loved one in need of care. You will have peace of mind knowing that, here at Stow-Glen, we do our best to follow the model of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by "seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness."

May God's love bless and fill you as He leads you in His will for your lives.

Pastor Kim

Proverbs 3:5

Stow-Glen Retirement Village Pastor and Chaplin

Stow-Glen is faith based and blessed to have a non-denominational full-time Christian pastor on campus. Pastor Kim Barnett joined Stow-Glen's Community of Care in 2001 and is fondly known throughout Stow-Glen as Pastor Kim. We offer Christian services regularly on campus; however we do honor and invite all seniors of all faiths to reside here at Stow-Glen. Pastor Kim not only meets our resident's spiritual needs, but also reaches out to the spiritual needs of our families and staff. She visits our residents in their apartments and also while they might be experiencing a short hospital stay. She is a vital link that brings all areas of Stow-Glen together as one.