Healthy Eating for Seniors

QUESTION: My dad lives alone and is not eating healthy, what can I do?

Healthy eating can be a challenge as we age. Many problems center on underlying health conditions. Here are some tips for healthier eating for seniors!

  1. If you have difficulties chewing foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and meat-        ~ Try soft canned fruits, ground meat/high protein substitutes and try             steamed/creamed vegetables! Maybe even have a V8!
  2. If you have difficulty shopping for groceries,                                                         ~ Ask your grocery store to deliver, ask your church for a volunteer or find a local errand service at a minimal fee!
  3. If you have no appetite-

For many seniors, mealtime equates to social hour but if they are alone, they have no reason to sit and eat a nice meal! Find lunch groups, eat with family and friends!

One of the benefits of a move to Stow-Glen Retirement Village is a dietary and foodservice department that serves 3 meals a day to more than 300 people of extremely varying dietary needs. All 3 meals are included in any of our living areas and can be custom made per request! Call today for more information about our restaurant style meals!