Forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s?

I forget where my keys are all the time, do I have Alzheimer’s?

An older friend told he thinks he’s getting Alzheimer’s because he keeps forgetting things like where he put his keys, his grandkids names and to take his cell phone with him when he leaves the house. When I pressed for more details, it turns out he’s never kept his keys in one spot and has always had to look for them. He has 13 grandkids- 7 out of state! And he hates his cell phone and the fact that his kids bought it for him and demand he take it whenever he leaves his house!

Forgetting things as we age is normal- after all; our brain (the hippocampus) actually deteriorates with age! Here are a few tips to determine age-appropriate forgetfulness and something like Alzheimer’s.

  1. Occasionally forgetting where you put things you use regularly, like glasses or keys. The time for concern is when you forget that you wear glasses or don’t know what the keys are for.
  2. Forgetting names, such as calling a grandson by your son’s name. The time for concern is when you forget who they are, not just their name.
  3. Walking into a room and forgetting why you entered. The time for concern is when you don’t remember where you are, not why you’re there.

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