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Do we really lose brain cells as we age?


Am I really losing brain cells as I age?

It seems like everything you read about aging these days has to do with dementia, the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurological problems. When we are young- between 20-25, our brains reached peak performance. In our 30’s memory starts to slip, our 40’s & 50’s our reasoning skills slow down. By our 60’s the brain has actually begin to shrink! Like any other muscle, we can at least stave off deterioration with a good workout- here are some tips!

  1. Break a sweat! Exercise pumps blood to the brain and encourages growth of new brain cells
  2. Listen to music: A study in the journal Neuron showed that listening to music may sharpen the brain’s ability to anticipate events and stay focused
  3. Eat wisely: Certain foods like brightly colored vegetables and fruits are high in antioxidants- these counteract disease causing free radicals in your brain!

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What is there for Grandma to do at Thanksgiving?


If your family is like mine, there are Thanksgiving traditions that go back several generations. The kids table, the secret stuffing recipe, Uncle Rick drinking too much… Wonderful family traditions. One of my favorites is Grandma doing too much work and getting tired and cranky and insisting she’s “fine and everyone should leave her alone and the dishes aren’t going to wash themselves!” Instead of Grandma getting tuckered out, why not round up a few of the grandkids (or great-grandkids!) and sit down and do something together!

  1. Create a gratitude tree: make a tree of string on a wall and the leaves are notes of what everyone is thankful for- after all, it IS Thanksgiving!
  2. Fashion/Costume Show: We have a trunk full of old costumes and dress-up play clothes. The kids take it to the other room while Grammie relaxes and then the kids put on a fun fashion & costume show- it’s hilarious watching the kids model as Grammie takes picture after picture.
  3. Concerto In The Living Room: another great way to get Grandma to relax is to have the grandkids give her a little concert on whatever instruments their learning! Over the years we’ve heard tiny maestros on the piano, trumpet, violin, guitar and many other instruments- Grammie loves it and gets a good hour off her feet! Thanksgiving can be such a great day- now good luck trying to get Grandma to slow down and relax!                                                                  From The Stow-Glen Family to yours- Happy Thanksgiving!