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Mom seems lonely- what can we do?


Question: Mom seems lonely and depressed since her sister died, what can we do? 

Have you ever stopped and really thought about all the loss a senior has experienced? By the time someone is 80, they have probably lost a spouse and a sibling. They have definitely lost their parents and other family members. By this point they have lost many close friends. Also, many have lost their driving privileges, overall health, hearing and many other things! I don’t want to depress anyone, but that STINKS!

That’s why having friends is so important for seniors- consistent socialization does wonders for our physical, emotional and intellectual well being! Here are a few reasons:

  1. Less isolation: a friend pulls us out of our shell and helps us live a good life. Places we wouldn’t normally go alone, we’ll go with a friend!
  2. More stimulation: Studies show that staying mentally and physically active help fight dementia, cancer and other diseases related a sedentary lifestyle!
  3. Friendly conversations: Seniors are full of memories and stories to share, but since they live alone, there might not be anyone to share them with. When a companion is there, seniors have someone to listen, show curiosity and develop genuine interest in their histories and the things they enjoy.                                                                                                                            At Stow-Glen Retirement Village, we have story after story after story of how important socialization is for our seniors! Now is a great time to make the move to Stow-Glen- can you imagine hundreds of neighbors of the same age with the same interests, goals and musical tastes? Call today for a tour!

Power of Attorney- What’s it mean?


What is Power of Attorney and how does it work?

This is a big question with several answers, but it’s very important that we address it!

A power of attorney (POA) is a document that allows you to appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so. The reason there are several answers is that there are several types of POA. Here are some descriptions:

  • Financial POA: allows your agent to make financial and property transactions, and handle taxes, stocks, safe deposit boxes, etc.
  • Healthcare POA: allows your agent to make health care decisions on your behalf.
  • Always remember that the most important thing with a POA is that they are only relevant when you’re unable to make those kinds of decisions! Just because you assign someone does not mean they have access to your checking account or medical decisions. It only means they have that access when a Medical Doctor determines that you are no longer capable of making those decisions for yourself!

The October 20th Lunch & Learn at Stow-Glen Retirement Village will address this question and questions about Living Wills. The luncheon is in Cedar Hall, doors open at 11:30, speaker and lunch at 12. Click on our Facebook page for more information!

Why is Grandpa so Stubborn?

happy and grumpy old men

Why is my elderly Dad so resistant to change?

Over the years, I’ve dealt with some of the most stubborn little old guys you can imagine. And the ladies are no better. Take something like a proactive move to a community like Stow-Glen as an example. You’ll hear things like “I’ve lived in my house for 50 years, no way am I moving now!” or “I’m FINE living alone- are you trying to take the house away from me?” Here are some tips helping a stubborn senior with change:

  1. Help them understand the “why” behind the change. “Mom, I want to help you keep up with your bills- we don’t want the heat cut off, do we?”
  2. Be honest and admit the change might not work. Let them know you’ve considered all variables and it might not work. They’ve been there and done that. They want to know that you know this might not work!
  3. Put yourself in their shoes and be empathetic. Can you imagine living in the same house for 50 years- raising a family and more- and then being told you have to move, for your own safety of course!


Helping a senior see the benefits of change isn’t always easy. Especially if the change brings uncertainty to their lives. Stow-Glen has been the hometown resource for these conversations since 1984, please let us know if we can help in any way!

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