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What’s Causing My Stomach Pain? Healthy Senior Living


Abdominal pain is actually a common complaint among many older adults. The precise nature of the complaint may differ from patient to patient, but nearly 40% of older adults have one or more age-related digestive symptom each year! Is it gas? Did you not take your medication with food? Is it GERD? Is it an ulcer? It can be frustrating trying to determine why your stomach is bothering you.

Fortunately, many ailments can be solved with a cheap over the counter medication. The shelves at the drugstore are well stocked with many brightly colored boxes and bottles of pills and liquids and chewables that are “guaranteed” to relieve your stomach pain in less than an hour! Well, why not get to the source of the problem?

Join us for “What’s Causing My Stomach Pain?” the September 8th Lunch & Learn at Stow-Glen with Dr. John Park, a gastroenterologist with Unity Health Network/Western Reserve Hospital. RSVP right away to Bob at 330-612-6940 or

Travel Tips for Seniors








As I write this, a group of hearty travelers from Stow-Glen are planning their annual “Road Trip,” an annual occurrence where our residents vote on a location then plan a 2-3 day trip to go explore that area. Last year, the Put-In-Bay area, this year, the Toledo area. As you may have assumed, traveling with seniors can be the most fun you’ve ever had but it can present it’s own set of “challenges!” Here are some tips:


  1. Research and Plan Ahead: Make as many reservations as possible and stay on the beaten path. When making reservations, notify them a senior is traveling and ask if they have any special accommodations or discounts. Also, a generic fish filet sandwich and cup of McDonalds coffee can go a long way to help calm nerves!


  1. Always think about comfort and safety: While the “Maid of The Mist” at Niagara Falls may sound fun, it’s probably not the best for someone with balance issues! Always request assistance at airports, theme parks and other places.


  1. Fill medications! I’ve been on a trip with a senior who’s prescription ran out on a Sunday while we were out of state. Not fun for anyone!


  1. Eat and Sleep Smart: Don’t fill up on junk food, pop and beer. This will only make you sluggish and ill-tempered. Eat healthy food, get plenty of sleep and drink water!


Since 1984 Stow-Glen has helped local Seniors with questions like these and more. Please call if we can help with anything!